Get The Look: Stevie Nicks

Welcome to the second post in my pop culture ‘Get The Look’ series. I been dying to do a style post on Stevie Nicks because I love Fleetwood Mac and I think she’s a real cool lady.

Stevie Nicks wasn’t given the title of ‘Queen of Rock and Roll’ for nothing, not only is she a total babe but she’s blown people away over the years with her beautiful music. She was hugely successful with both Fleetwood Mac and in her solo career. It was often suggested that Stevie was a witch, this is probably because people were mesmerised by her eerie vocals. Her unique style likely contributed to this perception too.

It was amazing seeing Stevie appear in American Horror Story: Coven, my favourite series of AHS. Anyone who follows this blog might have guessed that I love witches. So naturally, I almost peed my pants with excitement when Stevie came into the series, staring along side the stunning Jessica Lange. Who, by the way is rumoured to be returning to the next season of AHS!

Anyway, if you too are obsessed with witches then you can read post 13 Badass On-Screen Supernatural Women or 14 Great Movies About Witches and Witchcraft if not then read on to get some Stevie Nicks inspired style inspiration.

If you adore Stevie as much as I do, then you might want to know how you can get her mystical look. Well to start, here’s a little checklist.

Stevie Nicks Checklist:

  • Velvet
  • Lace
  • Lots of black
  • Long flowing skirts
  • Frills
  • Floral patterns
  • 70s vibes
  • Witchy vibes

Here are a few lovely bits that I’ve gathered from Forever 21, Missguided, New Look and Black Milk Clothing…

Stevie Nicks Get The Look Pink Lace Skirt Forever 21

Be prepared, if you want to achieve a Stevie look, you’re going to have to go all out on the lace and the frills. Colours like red, dusty pink, white and black would all work pretty well. You can get this gorgeous Pink Lace Maxi Skort from Forever 21.


Black lace up top missguided

Pairing a top like this Black Lace Up Top from Missguided with the bell bottoms below would be v. Stevie.


Black Milk Flares Stevie Nicks Style Inspiration

Uuuugh, I would buy every item of clothing on the Black Milk site if I could.  Yes, these ‘Folk Art Midnight Velvet Bell Bottoms‘ are hella expensive but they’re limited edition, they’re unique and they are ridiculously funky.


stevie nicks orange maxi dress forever 21

Orange Maxi Dress from Forever 21


Red Knitted Bardot Top from Missguided


stevie nicks inspired black sheer floral skirt

This Embroidered Tully Midi Skirt is the perfect Stevie item and you can get it from Forever 21. They have a few different skirts like this but personally, I think this was the nicest.


Red Open Front Blazer from Forever 21


black lace up suedette boots stevie nicks get the look

Black Suedette Lace-up Boots from New Look


You’re not going to find anything that’s more Stevie Nicks-esque than this beautiful Embroidered Maxi-Dress from Forever 21.


Black Ankle Boots New Look Stevie Nicks style

These Black Ankle Boots from New Look are also available in a sandy colour if that’s your thing. I’m quite fussy when it comes to boots. I own probably 10 pairs of black boots, mostly because they go with everything but for this look, suede and shades of brown would also look good. A nice 70s style platform heel would look pretty slick with any of these items.

Aaaaand, if you really want to go all out there are also a tonne of really cool Stevie-style top hats available on Etsy. One of those paired with a long lace skirt would be a cool look for a festival.

So, there you have it, let me know what you think in the comments and don’t forget to follow The Pop Cult on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook and if you’re looking for more alternative style inspiration, definitely follow me on Pinterest!

Steph 🙂

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