40 Etsy Christmas Gift Ideas: The Pop Culture Edition

Tomorrow is the 1st of December and if you’re anything like me, you haven’t gotten around to starting your Christmas shopping yet. Fortunately, I’ve rounded up a bunch of funky little pop culture related bits that I found on Etsy. I chose mostly smaller, affordable gifts which are great for Kris Kringle, stocking fillers or if you’re broke and you still want to give a unique gift. There’s something for everyone on this list, from Seinfeld to Kendirck Lamar, The Spice Girls to Twin Peaks, it’s is a real mish-mash of things that I like and I hope that it will help you to find some unusual pressies for your friends and family.

St. Dolly Parton Prayer Candle

Dolly Parton Prayer Candle Christmas Gift Idea

This St. Dolly Parton Prayer Candle is perfect for any fans of Dolly, I for one think that she’s an absolute Qween! Get your Dolly Candle from The Eternal Flame. They have a great selection of celebrity prayer candles. In fact I found the Barb and Eleven Stranger Things candles which I featured in my ‘11 Awesome Stranger Things Etsy Finds‘ from this great little shop.


Chance the Rapper Flower Crown Sticker Set

Chance the Rapper Sticker Set Christmas Gift Idea Etsy

There are tonnes of great sticker sets on Etsy and Bestie Club have some of the nicest ones in my opinion. This Chance the Rapper Sticker Set is a great little stocking filler for your hip-hop obsessed friend.


Thom Yorke Illustrated Tee

Thom Yorke Radiohead illustrated tshirt

Thom Yorke is one weird looking dude. If you know a fan of Thom or Radiohead, then you can get this Thom Yorke Illustrated Tee from Hello Hurra.


Kendrick Lamar ‘Damn’ Poster

I’m genuinely considering buying myself this Kendrick Lamar ‘Damn‘ Poster from Per 4 MMedia. They have loads of really creepy posters like this. Some of the other illustrations include Rhianna and Tyler the Creator.


Frida Kahlo Calender

Frida kahlo calender

This cute Frida Kahlo Calender is an affordable but very cute present for fans of her. Here’s a little article that I wrote on ‘The Life and Style of Frida Kahlo‘. She was amazing and if someone you know agrees then surprise them with this adorable little calendar.


Notorious B.I.G Pillow

Notorious BIG cushion pillow christmas gift idea

Rumble Cards don’t just make funky cards, they also have some pretty funny cushions, pouches, and other items like this Notorious B.I.G Cushion.


St. Prince Prayer Candle

prince prayer candle etsy Christmas gift ideas

I’ve had my eye on this St. Prince Prayer Candle from Holy Saint Club for a while now. You can also get Tupac, Chance the Rapper, David Bowie.


OITNB Coffee Mug

orange is the new black coffee mug christmas gift etsy

Sometimes you feel like you might cut someone when they try to talk to you before you’ve had your morning coffee. Well now you can enjoy it from this Orange is the New Black Coffee Mug from Paperedia.


Danny DeVito Pin

Danny DeVito Pin Christmas Gift Idea

I don’t think there’s much to say about this Danny DeVito Pin, I mean, it’s obvious that it’s great. There are no two ways about it. Grab this little gem for that friend who can’t stop quoting It’s Always Sunny. Throw a rum-ham in too and they’ll be eternally grateful.


Leonardo DiCaprio Sticker Set

Leonardo DiCaprio Sticker Set Christmas Gift Idea

We all know a gal or a guy who is obsessed with Leo. Treat them to this 90s Leonardo DiCaprio Sticker Set from Lonely Lavender, so that they can take their borderline creepy obsession to new levels.


Rick and Morty Back to the Future Candle

Rick and Morty back to the future candle christmas gift

I’m digging this Back to the Future crossover candle. Rick and Morty Back to the Future Candle from Cloud 9 Candles. Wubalubadubdub!


Mac DeMarco Sticker Set

Mac Demarco sticker set christmas gift idea

Yaaasss, I fucking LOVE this Mac DeMarco Sticker Set. This is another great one from Lonely Lavender. FYI, Walking Dead fans, they also have a Daryl Dixon set.


Jeff Goldblum Pin

jeff goldbum pin gift idea

Who wouldn’t want to wear this glorious man on their lapel? If you think you know someone cool enough to wear this Jeff Goldblum Pin, you can order yours from Sarah Hell. You can also get a Christmas themed Goldblum pin here.


Fight Club Soap

Fight club soap gift idea

These Fight Club men’s soaps are a bargain at €5.25 from The Outlaw Company. Hopefully these ones aren’t made from liposuction fat.


Ziggy Stardust/David Bowie Crochet Keychain

Ziggy Stardust/David Bowie Crochet Keychain gift idea

I love this cute Ziggy Stardust Keychain from Mrs. Poppy Amigurumi. They also have a really cute Princess Leia one for any Star Wars fanatics.


Harry Potter Bathbomb

Harry Potter Bath Bomb

We all know someone who loves Harry Potter, so why not gift them a beautiful Harry Potter inspired Bathbomb? You can get these from Spoil Me Spa Products.


Beyonce – Lemonade Illustrated Tee

Beyonce - Lemonade Illustrated Tee

Ok, I tried so hard not to put a million Beyonce related items on this list but whatever, it is what it is, I love the woman. If you know someone who would rock this Beyonce Tee then go to Hello Hurra who I have featured many times before in my monthly ‘Etsy Finds‘ posts. I really do love their illustrations, they’re totally weird but in the best way possible… Like this fucked up Malcolm in the Middle tee for example.


Stranger Things – Squad Pin

Stranger Things - Squad Pin gift idea

Stranger Things 2 was UNBELIEVABLE and we’re all very sad that it’s over. But have no fear, Etsy has a tonne of Stranger Things memorabilia like this Stranger Things Pin from Shop Josie B.


The Rocky Horror Picture Show Colouring Book

The rocky horror picture show coloring book etsy christmas gift idea

I wanted to include a few activity and colouring books because they’re a nice gift to receive around Christmas time when you’re chilling by the fire with a hot chocolate or hot whiskey or whatever. This Rocky Horror Colouring Book is one of my favourites so far. So dammit Janet, get yours from Fanomenal Crafts.


Jean-Michael Basquiat Tee

Another good’un from Hello Hurra, a Jean-Michael Basquiat Tee. My sister gave me a lend of Widow Basquiat: A Love Story, it’s a short but interesting read, told from the perspective of his ex-lover. It might be a nice addition to this t-shirt for any fans of his work.


Beyonce – Lemonade Sticker Set

Beyonce lemonade sticker set christmas gift idea

Fans of Queen B rejoice, you can now plaster your laptop with these funky little Beyonce Lemonade Stickers, another great find from Bestie Club.


Leonardo DiCaprio – Romeo and Juliet Paper Doll

Leonardo DiCaprio - Romeo and Juliet Paper Doll christmas gift idea

If a sticker set of an adolescent DiCaprio isn’t enough to make your creepy friend’s Christmas, why not get them this Romeo and Juliet Paper Doll so that they can dress Leo up in the iconic costumes from Baz Lurhman’s spectacular movie.


Kim and Kanye Sticker Set

Kim and Kanye Sticker Set gift idea

I love this Kim and Kanye Sticker Set, especially the one with the scary smiling faces.


Steve Buscemi Magnet

Steve Buscemi Magnet Weird Gift Ideas Etsy

Know any Steve Buscemi fans? Well, nows your chance to give them the best gift ever! Grab this Steve Buscemi Magnet from Mothership Shop.


Broad City Matchbox

Broad City Gift Idea Etsy

I LOVE Broad City, Ilana Glazer and Abbi Jacobson are freakin’ hilarious. I had a serious fan-girl moment when one of the show’s writers, Naomi Ekperigin tweeted me back a couple of weeks ago. Anyways, get your own Broad City Matchbox from The Found Retail. Yaaasssss Queeeeen.


RuPaul’s Drag Race Bunting

RuPauls Drag Race Christmas Gift Idea Etsy

Get your Drag Race obsessed friend this RuPaul’s Drag Race Bunting and allow them to sashay away with a smile on their face. Again, this is another Etsy store that I’ve featured numerous times, Dolly Loves Dallas. They have so many great illustrated items, it’s definitely worth checking out. Patti Smith, The Pet Shop Boys, John Waters, Bjork, they have it all.


Mark Corrigan Tote Bag

Mark Corrigan Peep Show Tote Bag etsy christmas gift idea

This is the gift that Peep Show fans never knew they needed. Until now. Get this bizarre Peep Show Tote Bag from Freebird Apparel UK.


Stranger Things Christmas Lights

Stranger Things Christmas Gift IDea

This is a simple but very cute Stranger Things gift from Wicked Stitches Uk. Get your Crochet Stranger Things Lights here.


Seinfeld Colouring Book

Seinfeld Coloring book christmas gift ideas etsy

Yep, this is a Seinfeld Colouring Book. It does what it says on the tin. Give your friend a chance to chill out, do some colouring and have a very happy Festivus.


Catspaw Dagger Game of Thrones

GOT Game of Thrones Tattoo Flash

Etsy is full of really cool tattoo flash. I have a billion different ones saved that I’d love to have done. Here’s a really awesome GOT Catspaw Dagger Tattoo Flash.


Rainy Day Activity Book

Buffy the Vampire Slayer Christmas Gift Idea Etsy

These activity books are 5 for £8.00 which is a pretty sweet deal. They have all kinds; 80s movies, death metal, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Dexter, The X-Files, The Walking Dead, John Carpenter etc…


Seinfeld Sticker Set

Seinfeld Sticker Set

Another cool Seinfeld Sticker pressie from Hey Joey It’s Estelle. (This is ANOTHER shop that I fucking love.)


Aphex Twin Greeting Card

Aphex Twin Greeting card

This Aphex Twin Greeting Card costs less than €4.00 and is wonderfully weird.


Dwight Schrute Christmas Ornament

Dwight K Schrute Christmas ornament

I think that Dwight made The U.S. Office. The poor man was constantly tormented by Jim and all he wanted to do was excel at his job and his beet farming. You can get this Dwight Schrute Christmas Ornament from Sweet and Lovely.


‘Fat Monica’ Friends Sticker Set

Fat Monica friends sticker set etsy gift idea

This ‘Fat Monica Friends Sticker Set‘ is amazing. Loser’s Ink also has some other cool Friends themed sticker packs.


Mac DeMarco Phone Case

Mac DeMarco Phone Case christmas gift idea

This Mac DeMarco phone case freaks me out and makes me happy all at once. Get yours from Sage Pizza and check out their shop while you’re at it because they have loads more cool shit.


Elsa Mars – American Horror Story Paper Sticker

Elsa Mars - American Horror Story Paper Sticker Christmas gift

I don’t care what the haters say, AHS: Freakshow was my favourite one! (closely tied with Coven and HotelElsa Mars AHS Sticker. Elsa Mars was a bad bitch. Get your Elsa sticker from Goulish.


Rick and Morty Sticker Set

Rick and morty sticker set christmas gift idea

Awh, this Rick and Morty Sticker Set features Snuffles, the star of one of my favourite episodes. Also Mr. Meeseeks and Pickle Rick.


Game of Thrones: Nightwatch Candle

GOT Game of thrones candle christmas gift idea

This is simple enough but it’s still a nice gift for any GOT fans. Get your Game of Thrones Scented Candle from Cloud 9 Candles.


The Big Lebowski Matryoshka Dolls

Big Lebowski Etsy Christmas Gift Idea

These Big Lebowski Matryoshka Dolls are a little pricier than the other items on this list but that’s because they’re made to order. They also have a hilarious Divine set, The Room and Always Sunny in Philadelphia amongst others. Again, these are custom made to order so expect to wait 2-3 weeks for arrival.

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